Enhancing Your Chances on Roulette

When I play at roulette I pick simply the best bets you win less money but you’ve more low threat than at the other wagers.

Be careful to only play at European Roulette because the American one has an extra double zero and this gives the home and advantage of the European one, which has a house edge of just 2.70%. On American wheel, the house comes with an advantage of 5.26% thus don’t even attempt ;).

I will now show you what the most effective ones to select:

The Column Bet

If you take a look at the roulette table you’ll easily see three columns with 12 numbers each. These are understood in

European Roulette as dozens.

Statistically you have 63,16% of changes to win using this process.

Example: you bet $20 on every one of both columns. Should you win, you will be receiving $40, which means you might have a gain of $20.

On the flip side, the odds of winning in 10 spins is at least 50%.

ATTENTION: house odds are known to raise if you play an excessive amount of time. If you’re winning, walk away along with your profits ;).

En Prison European Roulette Rule

This rule (just obtainable in European Roulette) reduces the home advantage and it is a good wager spot to bet on, yet this rule only works on even money bets: high/low (or 1-18/19-36) bets, even/uneven wagers and red/black bets. Essentially the rule says that if comes out a zero, you receive back half of the bet or you can leave the entire bet for the next spin.

Thatis a good method to attempt ;).

Scenario Wagers

Scenario stakes have the odds exceptionally against you (that’s the motive of the payout being high.

But in the event you analyze the numbers that come out during some spins (100 or more) you can have a good notion of amounts that never showed up and then you can bet some into that. For me it worked occasionally and as the payout is very high I use it too and keep tracking the numbers that come out all of the time.

I’ve discovered a great and FREE applications which will help you with the tracking and evaluation of the numbers that came out that’s called “Realtime Roulettemaster” and is quite simple to use.


Don’t play for too much long periods of time.

Always keep in mind that it is a chance game we could just enhance the likelihood of winning, and in bad days we could lose so do not get greedy this is making money for enjoyable…

Inside my website I ‘ve some more tips to you to play casino games and improve your odds. Try it out, should you prefer to win of course!

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